In our club we are passionate about public speaking. 

The only way to achieve mastery at public speaking is by practising it. And we practise a lot at our meetings. More or less we were all once afraid to stand in front of a room filled with other people. But gradually, one speech at a time, one meeting at a time, we come to conquer our fear of public speaking and now you can not stop us. 

You are welcomed to come to our meetings anytime. Please note – our meetings are in English.

How can you participate at our meeting


Toastmaster leads the meeting. He or she is in charge of everything, like a boss in a company.  


Express yourself, your ideas and your views in a prepared speech. Your speech can be related to business or career.

TALK for 1-2 min

Most exciting part. You get a change to talk on a given subject for one to two minutes. Quite challenging, but worth doing it.

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Ideas to practise - I2P

This part is unique to our club. 


Another part you won’t find anywhere else. When you have an exciting proposal, business idea, workshop … and you want to share with others, you get a change to pitch it in front of the whole club.

You are welcomed to come to our meetings as a guest. In that way you will get an idea, what we do, how we practice our speaking and leadership skills, what topics we cover. You can even participate and talk in front of us for 1-2 minutes on the very first meeting. 

Being a member takes you some steps further.  

A fee for a membership is 200 / year. Details on fee.


We meet  every first and third Monday.

Drop by and see us in action at FDV in Room 10 (sometimes we are in Big Hall).

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