When you’ll come to our club, you wil notice we are diverse club with diverse persons. This diversity keeps our clubs alive. We appreciate and support each other and we treasure the value each member brings to the club.

Meet the members of the board and their thoughts, views and reasons  for joining the Toastmasters at the first place. Below is listed the position at TM Business Club Slovenia and the position they hold at theirs current work.

I went to the first Toastmasters meeting with no expectations but when the meeting was over, I was already blown away by what I experienced. Ever since I am an active member and every minute paid off many times.

Warm and relaxed yet professional atmosphere at meetings give me a chance to go out of the comfort zone and regulate practice communication and leadership skills – at my own pace but gently followed by coleauges toastmasters all over the world. The worldwide recognized educational system itself offers me many learning opportunities, but this is not the only reason why my enthusiasm is still strong. It is about people. Like minded people with different backgrounds, experiences and different ‘modus operandi’ expanded my horizons and understanding.

Toastmasters is a great experience for me and it boosted my professional carrer as well. I would recommend it to everyone who would like to change, grow and lead. Hope to see you soon in one of the next Toastmasters events.



Change Management Consultant | Soft Skills Trainer

I came for the public speaking, but stayed for the leadership

 I first heard of Ljubljana Toastmasters from Nina, a public speaking coach. She recommended I join to continuously practice public speaking. After doing a few speeches and taking up roles, I joined the board as a treasurer and organized a successful speaking marathon. Suddenly I realized Toastmasters is much more than just being on the stage and speaking. The backstage, which is leadership, is even more interesting – you can try out how you perform in different team roles, take on tasks that are a real challenge and even mentor newcomers. This proved to be an immense learning experience and helping the club to excel has been one of the great takeaways Toastmasters program offers. So much so, that I was one of the founders a new club, which will serve as a platform to boost your career –  Toastmasters Business Club Slovenia.  



senior advisor at ministry of public administration

I signed to Toastmasters to improve my conversation skills. However, I received so much more. Not that I just improved my speaking abilities, I also improved my confidence in other aspects of my life, especially at workplace. The people at the club are people who want something more out of life, and with some of them, we became good friends. Being present at meetings and following people improvement in public speaking is so inspiring. Joining Toastmasters was one of the best decisions I ever made. Being able to stand in front of a group of people and speak confidently is almost a superpower! 


sergeaNT AT ARMS


I’ve heard of Toastmasters many years ago in one book. Funny, I didn’t even check if there is one such club in Ljubljana … until I had to present my master thesis. One week before my presentation I search for a club in Ljubljana and to my surprise there was one. I went to the meeting and immediately fell in love with Toastmasters. 

The club, the members, the speeches I’ve gave and heard has given so many things to me on so many levels. I went from someone who was traumatized by very bad experience in public speaking in my mid 20s to a person who simply loves to be on a stage. The stage has become my home, I feel I am in my energy when I stand in front of the people and talk about themes close to me. I know I couldn’t have done this without Toastmasters. Every time, every little role I had on the meetings has contributed to my self-confidence on stage and had crafted my speaking skills.Thanks to Toastmasters I no longer have a fear of public speaking. In fact, I’m looking forward to have as many (hopefully) great speeches and on as many different occasions and locations as possible

 I joined a TM Business Club to broaden my speaking experiences. Once a Toastmaster, always a Toastmaster.





What do you do if you are passionate about public speaking and you are in business? You join Toastmasters Business Club, and so did I. And as Anton Chekhov once said “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” I knew it is the right playground to practice my public speaking skills in business-oriented environment where I can test my pitches in front of real audience who are business people themselves. Networking has never been that important as it is today, and Toastmasters Business Club enables me to meet great people, who can share their practises and ideas among members. I would recommend joining TM Business Club to everyone who is involved in business environment where one has to deal with public speaking, leading a team and pitching their product or service.

Join TM Business Club and become more confident and professional on the stage, in front of your team or in front of your prospects!




It is an amazing platform that offers so many opportunities, supported by amazing culture of reciprocity:

– to build up and strengthen my leadership and mentoring skills, active listening, communication and organization skills, 

– to develop fascilitating skills, 

– to network and meet amazing proactive people throughout the globe, 

– and simply to explore, experiment and just try… 

…by stretching my confort zones.



Vice president member engagement